Demystifying the $POOP

What is $POOP ?

How is $POOP created ?

The journey:

Moonsama NFT launched in Sept,2021

Utility of $poop

  • $poop being the governance token can be used to vote on community proposals. The holders can participate in the decision-making process for the Raresama NFT marketplace.
  • To mint NFTs, you need to create a user profile by paying a fee in $poop tokens. Creating a profile includes adding custom pfp, cover picture, description, and promo link.
  • To become a verified creator, you need to stake some amount of $poop.
  • However, it’s the community vote which decides if you should get the verified tag or not. Again, $poop token gives users the voting power.
  • Being a xc-20 token, $poop can be transferred to other parachains to be utilized in DeFi protocols.
$poop analytics ( source twitter)

Expected future utility

How to buy $poop?

Final thoughts

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